The Birth of the Day Pt. I

by Domus



Demo. Wrote and Recorded in 20 minutes.


released August 19, 2012

El Domuso - Guitar, Vocals.

All songs written by El Domuso.



all rights reserved


Domus UK

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Track Name: The Birth of *Symbol
The lord was born unto
Sounding of trumpeters,
Hidden beneath shoals
Of burning coal
And effervescing valleys.

He rose from the sea,
Or the ocean, or something.
A watery body, most still
And undisturbed.

With the moon so full,
The waves moved in
And filled the earth
With precious stones.

And he wept,
Beneath the sky.
And beneath the deaths,
Is where he will die.

Live in fashionably late,
Seizing in bathrooms.
He can’t see in the dark.
Still the sounds of the larks
Bring him closer to home.
Than ever.
Track Name: Chichen Itza
In deniably close,
Still breathing as ever.
Let me in, Let me in.
I’ll part the sea,
And scribble nonsense down.

Internal combustion is
how I will leave here.
Just watch me explode.
Let me in, Let me in.
I heard in a dream,
The most beautiful sound. It goes.

La la la la la.
La la la la la.
Ohhhhhhh. Ohhhhhhhh.

The further you travel,
The broader your mind is.
So look out of the window.
Children, look out to Chichen Itza.
Trepan all your lives like a boxful of cigarettes.

Ohhhhh, I know lives hard.
So just throw it all away.
Wash it down the drain,
Along with your keys and your card.

In time you’ll hear it too. It goes.
Track Name: Orienteering
Climb up. Climb up.
Climb up. Climb up.

If you look down you’ll see me standing there.
Smiling, wiley.

Holed up, your shacked up
With some other yokel.
Indefinite hiatus, likely you’ll die with him.
Time for a change of plan.

Look. Just look.
Your living your life,
Like the back of books.

In attentive. Still your yearning for more.
We’ve been here before.
In a purgatory fit for us two.
Track Name: Romani
Is what’s keeping me here.
I don’t want to die.
It’s an irrational fear.

But one race that never dies
Is the Romani folk.
So I’ll sell my soul to them,
My soul is brooding and sulking.

I sold my soul,
Will I ever get it back.
I sold my soul,
I don’t know who to ?
I’m losing track.

At the end of days
Ill still be here.
And I’ll judge all the living,
Like some kind of jesus.

Watch evil be purged
Like some god gifted madman.
Watch life decay in surges.
Watch cities turn to sand,
Track Name: A Nameless Prophet
Intuition dictates that I
Wonder through forests grey.

I roam aimlessly listening to mount eerie,
Lost wisdom and dawn.
And as I walk past the branches and streams
I begin to understand these songs.

Die. Here in this forest you will die.
A prophecy once sung, and less now forgotten.

Through the lake harks a voice,
Echoing amongst the grainy banks.
Cutting through the ice in my heart, it still,
Poisons the bad in my bones.